Shadow, Veil, Blood and Stone

Session #12 - Clockwork Horrors
(first piece of spear)

So, the session began as the party approached the edge of the desert, at the rocky cliffs around a huge crater – a crash site from long ago. The place was crawling with copper spider construct things (clockwork horrors). The party fought past the group of mechanical spiders and then were assaulted by giant trap-door spiders in the mountainside. Chester, Robert (evil), and Billy Bob were killed by the trap door spiders. Of the companions, only Bob and Bobby remain.

Once past that, with some excellent planning they were able to plane-shift into the top of the Neogi ship to get the spearhead. They learned that the pieces of the artifact were unmovable except by a chosen of the gods. spear.jpg
The spear gives +2 to all stats of the chosen possessing it, plus one level. The spearhead will direct the chosen to the next piece of the spear, and has other properties not yet discovered.

Session #1
A.K.A Making Friends

The initial session was a lot of fun. Each of the characters introduced themselves to each other, we sorted out the details of an 800-year timeline, and learned what the Goddess Pharasma intends for the party…

We all learned a bit more about our characters abilities, and will tweak where necessary…

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Please add your characters (especially background story) to the Characters Section.

If you can’t or need help, let me know!!

We’re off to an amazing start!


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