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  • Session #1

    The initial session was a lot of fun. Each of the characters introduced themselves to each other, we sorted out the details of an 800-year timeline, and learned what the Goddess Pharasma intends for the party... We all learned a bit more about our …

  • Session #12 - Clockwork Horrors

    So, the session began as the party approached the edge of the desert, at the rocky cliffs around a huge crater - a crash site from long ago. The place was crawling with copper spider construct things (clockwork horrors). The party fought past the group …

  • Home Page

    h2. Welcome! Come, join us by the campfire! We were just beginning the story of a group of adventurers, one called the Shadow, another The Veil, one named The Blood, and the last named The Stone. These four adventurers, although they didn't know …

  • Main Page

    h3. Welcome to the Library! Before you lies a room filled with books. A few books of obvious great importance rest on stone pillars, well-lit and displayed prominently. The books are titled: [[History]] [[Special Items]]

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